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Vedbhumi India Theme Park

Vedbhumi India Theme Park—Microcosm of Indian Traditions

Ved Bhumi Bharat—Vedic India. This is the Vedic land where the roots of Veda are found, therefore it is referred to as Ved Bhumi, Dev Bhumi, Purna Bhumi, Bharat. Known for its rich Vedic culture, Vedic art, architecture, and literature. Vedic india Theme Park, a microcosm of ancient India expressed by the 12 Jyotir Lingas, twenty eight Shakti Peeths, ten Vishnu Peeths, Jain and Budhist temples, churches, and mosques, and other holy places found in India along with holy rivers and holy mountain ranges. 

Maharishi Tower of Invincibility

Proposed Maharishi Tower of Invincibility at VedaLand India

The Tower of Invincibility is an exhibition space, built in accordance with the Vastu principles of fortune creating architecture, in which the ideas and life work of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are presented for every area of society. The world’s most universal, timeless, and practical life knowledge is displayed in a fun and interactive way. Visitors will learn about the laws that govern the universe and discover their easy application for progress in life. 

View of the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility through the east gate. On either side of it are towers of light which are turned on after sunset for evening park activities.

View of proposed Maharishi Tower of Invincibility through the arches of another building a

Vedic Traditional Market

It is a place to find an assortment of traditional crafts, cloths, jewelry, handlooms, spices, and many more products of each state of Vedic India.

Organic spices and herbs at Vedic Traditional market VedaLand
Traditional crafts and products from every state in India
Traditional silver jewelry at Vedic Traditional Market VedaLand
Artist's Rendering of proposed Vedic Traditional Market
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