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Vedic Technology and Research Centre

VedaLand is based upon the application of Vedic principles, Vedic programmes, and Vedic technologies. At its core is the Vedic Research Centre. By preserving the most sacred and secret Vedic practices, the Vedic Research Centre protects the ancient Vedic technologies that enable the transformation of life to the highest level of purity.

The Vedic Research Centre includes within its design a campus for 500 Vedic pandits who will be performing daily yagyas and pujas. In order to preserve the culture and education of the Vedic pundits and promote the restoration of Vedic life, the Research Centre will also strive to support all the Vedic Pandits and Gurukulas of India. 


The Vedic Research Centre is organizing a coherence group of at least 10,000 students doing collective Yogic Flying daily. This application of one of the most crucial aspects of Vedic technology for the collective health of the nation will transform and uplift the residents of Vedaland, the whole of India and the entire world. 

As part of the Vedic Research Centre there are ancient caves for meditation close to the project. 


A unique aspect of the Vedic Research Center is the application of the 40 aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature gardens and forest, along with live Vedic recitation for healing and rejuvenation. 


Whether you are seeking enlightenment, good health, financial success, or a happy family life, the application of the Vedic Technologies through the Vedic Research Center will help you to fulfill your goals. 

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