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Vedic Health Gardens—Unique Healing for the World

The Vedic Health Gardens are a unique place for the world, established on 25 acres. The gardens have been structured with with reference to the correlation of human physiology to their cosmic counterparts in the form of the Nakshatras, Rashis, and Grahas. At the center of this garden is a Vedic fountain.  Different Devata gardens have been designed with Vedic chanting for specific health issues. An atmosphere of silence will be maintained in the Vedic Health Gardens for greater effectiveness with landscaping that includes gardens from the Vedic Literature like the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and Vedic Devatas. 


India grows a wide variety of trees and plants because of its tropical atmosphere.  Vaman Vriksha Kala which originated in India and spread throughout the world is yet another glorious feather in the Indian crown of ancient innovations. The word Bonsai roughly translated means potted. Bon, plant, sai. The art of Bonsai has its roots in India. Ancient Ayurvedic physicians often grew medicinal plants in miniature to conveniently move them around. 


By just sitting and meditating closer to a specific trees or plants with reference to the ailments, many individuals can be cured. 

VedaLand India Vedic Health Gardens
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