Fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains brimming with nature’s intelligence, vitamins, and minerals

Vedic Organic Agriculture

Vedic Organic Agriculture is agriculture enriched by the eternal sounds of the Veda – the reverberation of total natural law. Vedic Organic Agriculture at Vedaland uses all the best organic agriculture practices for preservation of the land, promotion of biodiversity, and the production of food picked at the peak of ripeness when nutrient value is maximum.  


The farmers at Vedaland employ the technologies of Veda in every aspect of their lives – from living in vastu homes to applying the specific sounds of the Veda at specific times of the day for each individual plant. 


The sounds of the Veda and Vedic literature are used to enliven the inner intelligence of the plants

to produce food brimming with the vitality of nature’s intelligence. Vedic Organic Agriculture goes beyond traditional agriculture to include something more – highest nutrient value food picked at its peak ripeness.


The Vedic Organic agriculture produced at Vedaland is used in all the restaurants, hotels, hospital, and Vedic Health Center. It is available for purchase for villa owners, and for export in India and abroad.

For those who want the highest quality produce in the world, the Vedic Organic Agriculture at Vedaland produces fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains brimming with nature’s intelligence, vitamins, and minerals.


Sustainable Eco-City of Comprehensive Vedic Technologies Integrated in One Land and One Comprehensive Project

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