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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Dr Tony Nader MD, PhD, MARR

Villas and Hotels

Explore VedaLand — Experience Vedic Technologies

Imagine a place where you can actualize your full potential as a human being.  

With a new definition of what it means to be in harmony with nature, VedaLand brings together three important aspects for an ultra luxury mega experience: the best of Vedic technologies, the most up to date knowledge of modern science, and spiritual traditions from around the world. 


For those seeking the best, come and explore VedaLand. VedaLand is the one place on earth where you can experience all the Vedic Technologies. Whether you are seeking health, education, tranquility, or enlightenment – Dharma, Arta, Kama or Moksha - you will find it in VedaLand. 

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Imagine a place where you can . . . . 

Stay in unparalleled luxury hotels and villas. 


Take a pilgrimage to all of the holy places of India in the first-of-its-kind Vedic Theme Park and encounter the reality of Veda Bhumi Bharat – India, the Land of the Veda.


Sponsor a Vedic Yagya at one of the temples or visit the Vedic Research Center and experience the preservation and purity of ancient Vedic culture. 


Enroll in Maharishi Vedic International University degree courses or vocational training. 


Enjoy the benefits of Vedic manufacturing, organic agriculture, and more. 

Veda Land is also designed as a comprehensive integrative wellness center – the first of its kind. It includes the Centre for Perfect Health, a world-class hospital that incorporates the best Vedic and Ayurvedic treatments as well as natural therapies from around the world. 


Visit the Vedic Health Gardens: the Navagraha Gardens, the 40 Aspects of the Veda Gardens, and the World Religion Gardens. Explore the unique 40 Aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature healing forest, the first forest on earth designed to mirror all 40 aspects of the Veda and Vedic Literature. Avail yourself of exclusive Vedic sound treatments in the Vedic forest and gardens.


VedaLand integrates the holistic knowledge of ancient Vedic Science with cutting-edge scientific discoveries and practical, modern, comprehensive applications. VedaLand will enrich and heal the complete person - physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.


This Integrated Vedic Project is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India The land’s backdrop is the Sahyadri mountain range, a UNESCO world heritage site and scenic wonderland with a large number of waterfalls. You can easily reach the project from the Mumbai or Pune airports. 



Satellite view of VedaLand courtesy of Google Maps. Imagery ©2021 CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technolgies, Map data © 2021

VedaLand Site Plan 2021


1. Vedic Research Centre & Yagya Program

2. Vedic Wellness Centre

3. Meditation caves

4. Vedic Health Gardens

5. Vedic Floriculture Garden

6. Vedbhoomi Bharat Theme Park

7. Vastu Villas

8. Respective residences in the 40  Aspects of Veda forest

9. Residential facilities for Retired Purushas & Mother Divine

10. Vedic Goshala

11. Agro Tourism

12. Organic Restaurant

13. Vedic Shopping Market 

14. Veda in Human Physiology Museum

15. Vedic artifacts Museum

16. Vedic Library

17. Tower of Invincibility

18. Convention Centre

19. Vaman Vriksha Kala Garden

20. Integrated Hospital

21. Vedic International University

22. Adventure and Vedic Sports Academy

23. 40 aspects of Veda Treatment area

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