Maharishi Vedic International University

Maharishi Vedic International University is providing the degree courses on the Vedic Knowledge such as Vedic Architecture, Vedic Organic Agriculture, Vedic Literature, and many others. The university also has an Ayurvedic College. The university also provides more than a hundred skill courses on treatment and therapies like light and gems, Gandharva music, sound therapy, marma, panchakarma,and many more for which the fundamental roots are in the Vedic knowledge. Vedic India will be achieved by training thousands of students with these skill courses and degree courses.

This will enable India to serve society all over the world. 


Sustainable Eco-City of Comprehensive Vedic Technologies Integrated in One Land and One Comprehensive Project


Shri G. S. Kale 


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Raja Luis, Dr. Jose Luis Alvarez


Mobile/Whatsapp: +31 622 634 954


Corporate Office

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