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Group of students at proposed Maharishi Vedic International University VedaLand India

Maharishi Vedic International University—Creative Solutions

The goal of Maharishi Vedic International University is to combine the most advanced scientific research and technologies with ancient Vedic technologies and applications for the improvement of society. The university aims to train leaders who are competent problem solvers in the ever-changing global landscape. 


The holistic approach of Consciousness-Based education allows students to develop their full potential and look beyond the surface level of problems to locate deeper solutions. Students are trained to harness the power of nature for the fulfillment of their own lives and the betterment of society. 

Maharishi Vedic International University provides Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degree courses on Vedic knowledge such as Vedic Architecture, Vedic Organic Agriculture, Vedic Literature, Vedic Science and Technology, and more. The university also includes the world’s leading Ayurvedic College associated with the Centre for Perfect Health.  


To illustrate, the practical training at the college of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture includes training not only in the latest, most sustainable organic agriculture methods, but also the application of Vedic yagyas and Vedic sounds to enrich the nourishing quality of the food. These practices allow the agriculturist and farmer to balance the soil, seasons, and the effects of climate change to create a more positive growing environment and food with more abundant nutrients. 


The college of Maharishi Vedic Architecture will train future generations of architects in the principles of Vastu Vidya — Maharishi Sthapatya Veda — architecture in accord with natural law. These uniquely adaptable architectural principles and designs will create maximum benefits for those living and working in homes and offices built accordingly. 


The college of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology will equip students with the practical understanding and ultra-modern technologies needed to apply the ancient Vedic wisdom to the modern world, training the thought leaders of the coming generation. 


Maharishi Vedic International University will provide more than a hundred skill courses on treatments and therapies such as gem and light, marma, and sound therapy, Gandharva music, panchakarma treatment, and many more modalities that find their fundamental roots in the Vedic knowledge. Intensive skill courses and practical training will be made available through continuing education to doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners. 


This education movement is training the next generation to provide creative solutions to global problems that bring about a transformation of society.  Vedic India will be achieved by training thousands of students and future leaders to achieve a more fully developed, wise, and creative India and through India to the world. 

VedaLand Maharishi Vedic International University —Creative Solutions
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